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Working at Well Done

At Well Done you have the opportunity to develop and employ a range of useful skills in customer service, sales as well as IT and operational procedures. Leading edge technology is deployed, making this a fast paced and interesting work environment.

For operators, a minimum of 4 shifts per week are required in order to keep up your skills, but rosters are available 2 weeks in advance and shifts are typically 6 hours. Many of our staff find these work arrangements offer flexibility with study, family and other responsibilities.

However, unlike work in many contact centres, working at Well Done contract contact centres involves a personal commitment to the shifts assigned to you and the people that you work with. This commitment to reliability underscores the importance of the work that we do, particularly in the area of emergency services support.

Sandra, Traineeship Program, Nowra

Working at Well Done is quite challenging but rewarding. I find myself constantly learning new skills…Coursework has provided me with great strategies to provide excellent customer service. It’s never dull.

Mel, Operator, Nowra

Well Done is completely different to other contact centres. There is a variety of clientele so every call and shift is different and the work is never repetitive. Working here has definitely improved my skills in decision making and time management.

Tracy, Team Leader

My time at Well Done has been most rewarding. I have been a Team Leader and Principal Operator for 3 years now and would not change a thing. The variety of calls, two week roster lead times and the environment here make this one of the best work places I have ever worked at.

Tarryn, Diary Specialist, Melbourne

I started work at Well Done 4 months ago and have learnt so much since then. I have worked in major contact centres before and the environment at Well Done is more relaxed and less pressured. The clients we deal with on a daily basis range from osteopaths, massage therapists, psychologists, naturopaths to physiotherapists. So there is a broad knowledge of each client required in order to help their patients.

We take messages, schedule appointments, arrange appointment changes and cancellations and provide information about the practice to patients. The Customer Management Application and calendars that we use everyday make it so much easier to help the caller. Constant updates and development to the client portal makes our job so much more effortless.

Anna, Customer Service Specialist, Manila

It's been 10 months now since I started working with Well Done. At first, what really motivated me to apply for the position was the chance of working dayshift and having more time with my family. But beyond my expectations, working here has given me the growth that I needed. Managers and colleagues have encouraged me to work not only according to manuals, but also with a thinking head and a passionate heart.

Providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients is what I think sets this company apart, and I am proud to be a part of the team!

Kerrie, Sales and Marketing

There’s a co-operative ‘can do’ culture at Well Done, both for clients and people working here. The most interesting part of my job is coming up with solutions for clients with the management team. Much of what we do involves new technology, so you’re learning every day.

When I applied for this position, I was upfront about my responsibilities as a carer. This was never held against me, and I’ve always found the company to be supportive and flexible. Altogether, it’s a great place to work.

James, Information Technology

Working in the IT department at Well Done is always a learning process. New technologies are constantly being researched and implemented to improve the level of customer service, overall system efficiency and to meet customer requirements.