About Well Done

Well Done consists of a number of specialist companies partnering to be Australia’s leading Customer Relationships specialist. We have developed proprietary customer interface technologies and operate contract Contact Centres in a number of countries. We have also evolved specialized training and management processes to provide a wide range of e-client support facilities.

Well Done provides outsourced and managed tele-services for clients in business and government through the most suitable and skilled contract Contact Centre. We also provide management, consulting and hosted communications support.

Our Mission Statement

The company's mission is to provide quality, integrated, innovative and cost effective professional contact centre services to support the management and operation of businesses.

Vision, values and objectives

Our Vision

To become the Customer Contact Services provider of choice to significant organisations operating in Australia and around the world by providing competitively priced value added phone support through a network of Micro Business and contract Contact Centres in the clients' operating regions.

Our Values

  • Innovation: forward thinking, leading edge technologies in use to provide clients with advantage;
  • Integration of services / teamwork: all associated groups working together towards a common, professional objective for each client;
  • Individuality: treating all clients and staff with respect for their individual needs and aspirations;
  • Integrity: all associates employed and rewarded for adherence to the highest professional standards;
  • Intellect: extending the abilities of all associates to meet personally satisfying goals.

Our Objectives

  • To partner micro contact centres (business centre) using our technology in a range of locations;
  • To develop the management, sales and support skills to ensure each of these centres is viable;
  • To maintain the development of applicable leading edge technology;
  • To develop separate marketing divisions for defined products serviced through specialist contact centres.


Well Done commenced business in 1987 operating tourist, events and consulting ventures. Our first contract contact centre was opened in 1996 to support our events and tourism clients, and as a result of having this facility available, we started accepting external customers.

In recent times, Well Done International has evolved to become a 'Customer Contact' specialist that offers unique customer and staff support functions covering many of the needs of contemporary SMEs and corporations. Customer contact support is now our core business, and the company structure has changed to support this clear focus on systems development and management.

What the Company Does

The provision of contract contact services between our clients and their customers is our core business. As an organisation, we have developed a vast reservoir of experience in handling a range of issues over many years. We train agents to evaluate a course of action on behalf of our client based on the circumstances and content of a call being received and the client's instructions. Common sense and experience step in when the client's instruction do not cover the situation.

Well Done is not like other contact centres...


  • We located our Head Office and major partner contract contact centre and in a regional location because we have found country-based staff to be more committed. Our low staff turnover enables us to provide our clients with a better experience base;
  • The stability and continuity of our staff also allows us to spend more on training operators to be able to handle complex calls and respond competently to issues from the "left field";
  • We employ in the main more mature staff with a wide knowledge of life and issues in contact centres employing mainly backpackers and students;
  • We also employ younger trainees who spend a year gaining experience and accreditation in industry coursework before embarking on complex call handling and further development.


  • We control our own communications platforms and networks, client support systems and web sites, and invest heavily in ongoing development to deliver outstanding flexibility and responsiveness to our clients' needs;
  • As a company we are very computer and communications literate and can offer custom solutions not readily available to our competition.

Shared Values

  • Growing from small beginnings ourselves, we understand the needs of smaller enterprises, and offer services on a 'select as required' pricing basis wherever possible;
  • Having handled such a wide range of issues from complex clients, it is unlikely that any customer's requirements would faze us;
  • Many service providers lock you into a 12 or 24 month contract . This can be damaging for your business if you are not getting the level of service you need. Our primary services are based on performance. Simply, if we don't perform, we don't keep your business. Our hundreds of customers are testament to us providing professional services without the safety net of a long term contract.
  • Contracts are generally only required in wholesale, hosted or specific set up situations requiring significant investment, software development, staff training, or provision of dedicated staff for a service. However, even in these situations, contract times are set to cover our upfront investment only.