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Non Discrimination Policy


The purpose of this policy is to promote respectful, secure and healthy environments in which all team members of the Well Done International can prosper. This policy seeks to develop an awareness of rights, recognition of responsibilities and an acceptance of consequences for unacceptable conduct. Discrimination policies also apply to the hiring of new staff.


Discrimination - Direct discrimination is treating one person less favourably than another because of particular attributes, such as race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, disability, medical record, impairment, marital status, pregnancy, potential pregnancy, family responsibilities, criminal record, trade union activity, political opinion, religion, national extraction or social origin. Indirect discrimination may occur when a requirement that is the same for everyone has an unfair effect on some people because of a certain attribute.

Harassment - Under federal and state legislation unlawful harassment occurs when someone is made to feel intimidated, insulted or humiliated because of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin; sex; disability; sexual preference; or some other characteristic specified under anti-discrimination or human rights legislation It can also happen if someone is working in a 'hostile' - or intimidating - environment.

Harassment can include behaviour such as:

  • Telling insulting jokes about particular racial groups;
  • Sending explicit or sexually suggestive emails;
  • Displaying offensive or pornographic posters or screen savers;
  • Making derogatory comments or taunts about someone's race or religion;
  • Asking intrusive questions about someone's personal life, including their sex life.

Bullying - refers to the repeated unreasonable treatment of a person or group by another or others and can consist of words and/or actions that are offensive, abusive, belittling, threatening and intended to upset or frighten.

Complaint - means a grievance by a team member about inappropriate conduct by another team member

Unacceptable Conduct - includes discrimination, harassment, bullying, vilification and/or victimisation.


This policy applies to all Well Done International team members, customers, clients, vendors, contractors and any other business parties.


Well Done International as an equal opportunity employer is committed to treating all team members on the basis of individual merit and providing a work environment that is pleasant and conducive to good workplace relationships free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Well Done International considers workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying to be unacceptable forms of behaviour which will not be tolerated under any circumstance. All team members are directed not to discriminate against, harass or bully colleagues, customers, clients, vendors, contractors or any other business parties in their dealings with or on behalf of Well Done International.

Team members who feel they have been discriminated against, are being harassed or bullied should make a complaint about the treatment to their line manager. If their complaint implicates the line manager, team members should raise the complaint with their HR supervisor. When a complaint is lodged, team members should be assured that Well Done International will treat the matter seriously and attended to it promptly and in accordance with the company's disciplinary policy. The principles of procedural fairness apply and will guide the application of this policy and associated procedures. The company will take care to ensure complainants, respondents and witnesses will not be victimised in any way for raising or supporting a complaint. Disciplinary action will be taken against any team member found to have discriminated, harassed or bullied a colleague, customer or client. Discipline may involve a warning, coaching or dismissal depending on the seriousness of the circumstance. The complaint resolution process will be carried out in good faith and complaints that are frivolous, mischievous, vexatious, untruthful or lacking in substance will be rejected if a preliminary investigation of the facts indicates this.

This policy does not remove the obligation of any manager to identify and address as part of their normal responsibilities, conduct that is unacceptable and take appropriate action irrespective of whether that behaviour leads to a complaint being raised.

Managers or team leaders that knowingly tolerate unacceptable behaviour may be considered guilty of misconduct and could be held liable for inappropriate conduct occurring. It is the responsibility of all team members, including executives, directors, managers and team leaders to ensure that individuals are not subjected to discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace.


Any complaint re unacceptable conduct will be handled in the following manner:

  • An interview / meeting with each of the affected parties within 2 working days;
  • Statements recorded from each party;
  • Recommendation of action to be taken;
  • Deciding timeframe to take action – no more than 5 working days;
  • Handling the issue in company of WDI HR supervisor;
  • Debrief to all involved parties.


Every team member has the right to a workplace that is safe and free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Team Members

Have the responsibility to:

  • Understand, respect and apply this policy;
  • Not engage in or encourage inappropriate conduct;
  • Respect the differences of others and their views of what is considered acceptable conduct in the workplace;
  • Understand their own behaviour and the impact it may have on others;
  • Contribute to a harmonious workplace by promoting and modeling professional standards of conduct at all times.

Managers and Team Leaders

Have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure human resource policies are applied fairly, consistently and without bias;
  • Ensure all team members are aware of and understand this policy;
  • Role-model acceptable behaviour and practices within the workplace at all times;
  • Make clear to all direct reports unacceptable conduct will not be tolerated;
  • Regularly review the working environment to ensure that it is free from sexually explicit or offensive material;
  • Act upon any behaviour in the workplace that may be construed as discrimination, harassment or bullying;
  • Support procedures and guidelines to enable the immediate resolution of complaints;
  • Encourage team members to come forward immediately if they experience any harassment that they can't sort out themselves, or don't feel comfortable sorting out themselves, so that problems can be resolved as quickly as possible.

HR Supervisors

Have the responsibility to:

  • Make sure that this policy, procedure and related information is accessible to all team members;
  • Be available to managers, team leaders and other persons to answer enquiries about discrimination, harassment or bullying and to assist in the resolution of complaints if requested;
  • Ensure confidentiality and privacy is maintained in all matters.

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  • Line managers should contact their HR supervisor for support as required;
  • Team members should refer to related policy, guidelines and legislation for additional information.